Web & Mobile

Web Development and Mobile Solutions

Today’s business climate relies on mobile and web-based collaboration more than ever. The agile company needs its employees to stay connected through web and mobile workflows. At Dataprise, we’ve been doing this for businesses large and small for over a decade. Whether embarking on a new businesses solution or trying to revive a failing project, we can help.

We specialize in the following areas:

SharePoint & Web Solutions

Collaboration and process automation made easy. Let us help you with:

Team collaboration

External communications

CRM and process integrations

Mobile Solutions

Organizations today rely on their mobile devices to manage business processes and to collaborate as a team.

iOS, Android, and Windows phones
application development

Mobile website development

Web applications

Business Intelligence

Understanding data is critical to managing your business and driving sales. We are BI experts, and can help your team leverage data and turn insights into sales.

Data analysis

Business intelligence